Instructions for Coupon Using
1.How can I know if I have coupons available?
Please login my account and check my coupon to see the detail of it

2.How can I use my free coupons?
Firstly: Place an order(
The amount of the items must reach the minimum amount for coupon use)

Secondly: Choose the free coupon which you want to use


3.Note: Terms and Conditions
• Coupons are non-transferable.
• Coupons cannot be forwarded to another person or account.
• The minimum order amount doesn’t include shipping cost.
• Coupons can only be used one time.
• Be careful ,once you canceled your order before pay,the coupon will be expired!
• Coupons are only valid for use on
• If you have multiple coupons, it is recommended that you use expire soon to avoid overdue.
4. If you have any questions, please contact us ASAP,we will try our best to help yousmiley