How To Control The Irradiation Distance and Time of LED Grow Lights?
By Jay | 13 July 2018 | 1 Comments

How To Control The Irradiation Distance and Time of LED Grow Light?

Ⅰ.The Irradiation Distance of LED Grow Light
The illumination distance of the led grow light is divided into two aspects, one is the distance between the led grow lamp and the irradiated plants, and the other is the distance between the plant lamp and the neighboring lamp when planting in a large area.
(1) The distance between the led plant lights and light-receiving plants

 First of all, the installation of LED plant growth lamps must be scientific, so that the most efficient use of LED plant lights, in order to ensure the efficiency of plant lamp irradiation, in the light of a single plant lamp or a lamp can illuminate the face and plants, the lighting installation Ensure that it is directly above the plant/flora, and that the shape of the plant should be arranged according to the shape of the effective illumination range of the LED plant growth lamp.
According to the plant's needs, to determine the light distance, first determine the amount of light the plant needs, in determining the light area, in the purchase of LED plant lights, generally believed that the light distance is about 0.5 meters, depending on the lighting and plant fill light requirements Adjust properly.
LED plant light is a cold light source, which emits very little heat, and can be used to supplement light at a short distance, such as tissue culture and nursery.
(2) The distance between LED lights

When the area is relatively large and not within a range that can be effectively controlled by a plant growth lamp, we need to use multiple LED plant lights in combination. The reference standard can be seen from the uniformity of the lighting color on the ground. In general, the color of the lights that intersect the lamp and lamp area should not be too dark, otherwise the plant may burn easily under strong light.
Ⅱ. LED Grow Lamp Lighting Time
The growth of plants is more complicated, and the light required for each plant and each growth stage is different. If the plant is in the growth stage, generally, if there is a certain amount of sunlight, the fill time will be 5 hours, and the rainy days will make up. The light time is controlled at about 10 hours, and the light fill time is controlled at about 12 hours without any sunlight. Most people have the misunderstanding that the plants are placed under the lights for 24 hours. This is obviously wrong because the plants need to rest at night and grow again. Therefore, the night light-up time should not be too long and allow the plants to have enough time to rest and grow.
        In fact, there are many kinds of plants, different characteristics, and different growth cycles, so the statistics are extremely complicated. Everyone can share their own experience and tips for using Led grow lights, so that everyone who loves plants can use it betterheart.

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