What do you need to pay attention to when installing the LED lights?
By Sinjia | 27 September 2018 | 0 Comments

What Do You Need To When Installing The LED Lights?

1. The installation distance between lamps should not be too close. When the installation of lamps is too dense, the lamp temperature will rise, which will easily damage the lamps.

2. The high temperature of the lamp will cause the temperature rise of stabilizer beyond the allowable range, resulting in the shortened life of stabilizer and bulb, burning and cracking of lamp holder or inner space of lamp. Therefore, the lamp should be ventilated and no more than 24 hours of uninterrupted use.

3. Correct installation of lamp:

 A.Proper spacing of fixtures.

B. Increase the interior space of lamps and lanterns.

C. Set the heat sink around the lamp body.

D. The stabilizer adopts a separate type.

E. Ceiling interior is well ventilated.

4. Avoid contact with flammable objects such as curtains.

5. The upper temperature of the gas appliance is very high, and the lamps and lanterns should be kept at a proper distance from the heat source, such as the kitchen. The installation position of the lamps and lanterns should be more than 1 meter away from the heat source.

6. The installation direction of rainproof type lamps is specified, which must be installed in the specified direction to prevent rainwater intrusion.

7. When installing wet-proof and rainproof lamps, the following points should be noted:

A. The rubber washer of the mounting surface and the mounting part of the lamp must be tightly closed.

B. If the mounting surface has concavoconvex or concavo-convex, make up the surrounding of the mounting position of the luminaires and install the luminaires.

C. Pay attention to whether the outlet of the power outlet is flooded.

8. When installing luminaires with reinforced concrete surfaces, it is necessary to wait for the actual drying of the concrete surfaces before installing the luminaires. If no drying is confirmed, after the installation of the luminaires, the moisture of the concrete shall be absorbed by the luminaires, and the insulation shall be reduced, and the painted surface of the luminaires shall fall off.

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