Why the LED grow lights need to aging test?
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Why the LED Grow Lights Need to Aging Test?

The aging test of LED grow lights is mainly to find the various factors that may be involved in the actual use of the simulated products, or affect the use of the products, and through the corresponding conditions to strengthen and test the process. The most common aging test is through the aging test of plastics, the main methods of which are lights aging, damp heat aging, and hot wind aging.

LED grow lights belongs to electrical products. Its aging test mainly aims at testing the aging of plastic materials. The most important thing in the use of LED plant growth lights is that they can be used normally under the maximum efficiency and affect their normal use. The main factors are the dead lamp rate, heat dissipation, high luminous efficiency, and stability. The main test method is done by increasing the voltage and current.

1.LED Grow Light’s Dead Lamp Test:
    Generally speaking, after the LED grow lights to finished produce, there is no problem at the rated voltage and current studio, but the use of the process will inevitably appear short-term high voltage, or Suddenly shutting off the light, to ensure that this common situation after the lamp can work properly, we need doing the good test before the LED plant light factory, which can  detect whether the power configuration is qualified, the welding position is firm, the assembly wire bearing capacity Certain standards.

2.LED Grow Light’s Lamp Heat Dissipation Test:
    LED plant growth lamp heat dissipation performance is directly related to its service life and lamp light emitting efficiency, aging test method is to make the LED grow light in its maximum withstand temperature within a certain period of time, its internal structure will not be destroyed. And within a certain period of time, the LED plant lamp parts temperature does not increase with high-strength working hours.

3.The Luminous Efficiency and Stability of LED Grow Lights:
    The LED grow light’s emitting is efficient and stable, its main influencing factor is the internal power supply rectifier voltage divider, as long as the power quality is excellent, under normal circumstances within its rated lifetime LED plant lights can be confirmed. To ensure efficient and normal light, and the general power supply will be equipped with automatic over-voltage power-off device, will not have a serious impact on the lamp beads, but do not rule out, LED plant growth lamp wafers in the packaging process, the possibility of leakage, so also a flashlight test to ensure stable and efficient work.
In fact, the principle of aging test of LED grows light ’s lamp is the same as other products, and which to test the bearing capacity of various conditions that may be encountered in the actual application. The difference is the test method and the testing process.

In order to make our customers receive 100% satisfactory products, all of Sinjia's LED lamps will undergo aging tests before they are sold then to ensure the quality of the products.


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