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SINJIAlight offer the best possible light for plants in an energy efficient and high yielding way. With patented management, our led grow lights are designed to optimize growth of varying plants in different applications. In addition to photosynthesis, our led grow lights give valuable information to plants.

Choose right led grow light, at the right time, in the right place. Different plants have different light needs.

SINJIAlight Led Grow Light Series:
yes High QE up to 3.6umol/J. High quality chip of full spectrum, warm white. You will get average production over 30% and at least 40% less electricity use. No matter home grower or commercial grower you are, our led grow lights can meet your needs. 
yes Different cooling designs. Compared with other led grow lights in the market, our led grow lights can cool faster and adopt the superior heat-dissipation aluminum to make lifespan longer. Cooling fans are matched with high power led grow lights to guarantee the conteneous working.
yes Easy installation and use. Our grow light bulbs only need standard socket types. Panel led grow lights only need power plug & hanging kits, then you can easily set up our grow lights and lighten the lamp. Even if you're a newcomer, it's very convenient to start the new world for plants. 
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